Master LI QING FENG and Master YANG QING JUN are honorary consultants in our society and are come from Wudang preserve health hall. They are specific to treat unusual diseases or the disease that fail to respond to medical treament repeatedly. Chinese compatriots who live at overseas can contact us if still fail to meet a good doctor or cannot effect a radical cure of diseases. Each year we have conduct tours of Wudang Taiji, preserve health, medical treatment and Qigong to China Wudang mountain for learning and practice medical treatment. Welcome to participate enthusiastically.

Jing Jian Mang recover pill. For : Cervical vertebra pain, periarthritis, nape of the neck pain, aim numb, cannot raise back of the body.

Zui Xian panacea. For : Headache, dizzy, high blood pressure, got a lot of dream, insomnia, hard & foot numb, hyperlipidemia.

Huan Hun panacea. For : Brain blood supply insufficient, palpitation, low blood pressure, vertigo, shock, poor memory.

Wu Mian panacea. .For :Insomnia, feel anxious, poor memory, heavy dizzy.

Luo Han pill ( Arhat pill ). For :Poor appetite, hepatitis B, high aminotransferase enzymes, low liver function.

Jie Yu panacea.. For :Head ringworm, tinea corporis, yellow water sore, blood-wind-sore.

Asthma pill. For :Asthma, difficult breathing, cough & rich phlegm, bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema.

Bian Du Pearl pill. For : Balanus break out in a herpes repeatedly, cannot cure for long time.

Nu Tai An. For : Women’s abdominal pain, dysmenorrhoea, unable to conceive, pelvic infection, uterus cyst.

Beauty Treament pill. For :Yellow brown spot, pent-up liver breath, breast swell with pain.

Female Immortal panacea. For : Mastitis, breast swell with pain.

Youth  panacea. .For : Pimples, acne on the face, breast & the back of the body.

Energetic Effort pill. For : Rheumatism, rheumatoid, arthritis, aching arm, waist & leg.

Lumbar Vertebra recover panacea. For : Slipped disc, aching waist & leg, strain of lumbar muscles.

Yu Quan pill. For : Diabetes, frequent drinking, become emaciated, night blindness, get constipated.

Ban Yue pill. For : Vitiligo, white spot on limbs, hair & look.

Tie Gong Ji Mao Dan ( Iron Cock Mao Dan). For :Alopecia areata, lose hair, fine hair & moustache.

Di Ming pill. For :Acute & chronic pharyngitis, hoarse voice, inflammation of the oesophagus.

Xiang You pill. For : Acute & chronic rhinitis, not sensitive to smell, aching superciliary ridge, eye socket mark, have a yellow nasal mucus.

Tong You pill. For :Get constipated, suitable for old & young.

Ming Mu pill. For :Myopia, headache, aching eyeball, poor eyesight.




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